Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

RT @HadleyFreeman: I know this is all terrible. But there’s something to be said for watching the whole country come together against something that isn’t the virus

RT @JamesHeartfield: ‘If you don’t hate Brexit there’s something wrong with you,’ says @DawnButlerBrent Not, ‘you’re mistaken, can I try to persuade you why.’ That’s because she has no aspiration to win over the majority, only to consolidate an in-group. They’ve given up.

George Galloway (unknown) tweette :

#MOATS | POLL “If all vaccines in development were given go ahead in January there’s only sufficient capacity to give to 1 in 10 of world’s population. Who should get preference?” Please RT/share for as wide a response as possible. Watch @MoatsTV

I’m one of the lucky mums. I can take my baby to my workplace. There’s also an on-site childcare centre. There’s still a long way to go in this country to ensure all mums can enjoy a genuine family friendly workplace culture & affordable childcare options…

There’s a blast from the past! Claddagh jewellery. Always remember my mum and her pals had just about every bit of it: earrings, bangles, rings - the lot. Usually bought at her pal Isobel’s jewellery parties, supplied by the jewellers on London Road.

There’s nothing like getting out of my office to meet locals in the suburbs. Thanks to Dion and the other Springfield residents who popped in at the Coffee Club Orion Springfield for great coffee and to chat. #auspol

@TimKennedyMMA And then there’s Donald Trump who encourages America’s enemies to interfere in the election when it benefits him. Your Commander in Chief. Ironic and sad.…

James Moore (unknown) beantwoordde @jallenpac :

@jallenpac @TimKennedyMMA Any media outlet that criticizes your orange god is “fake news”. Here’s another. There’s no shortage. It’s on video..…

RT @MasekoValencia: RT @MasekoValencia: So there’s women who put snuff inside their vagina ◽◽, Akubabi yini?