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Prime Minister of Pakistan


Foreign Minister of Pakistan.

RT @Kamran_Yousaf: The proposal to merge GB with Pakistan is under serious consideration. Some senior officials in the FO believe that we must also provisionally declare AJK as part of Pakistan.

Senate of Pakistan to send a msg of unity for Kashmiris in a special session with a single point agenda on Kashmir tomorrow iA.President of Pak Dr. Arif Alvi ll address the House. Kashmir booklet ll be sent to 56,000 global MPs & intl human rights organizations #SenateforKashmir

Pakistan stands firmly united with Kashmiris. Sends across a msg of unity for our Kashmiris to the world.Entire nation is united on country's new political Map, it's cabinet, Kashmiri leadership & all political parties. PM Khan has proved himself as a true ambassador of Kahsmir

RT @IhteshamAfghan: On eve like of this Eid, people enjoy it with their siblings but sisters of hapless & persecuted nations of Pakistan are on roads crying for release of their brothers.@balochhaseeba demanding release of his brother as she knows his abductor is State. #ReleaseAllMissingPersons

RT @elyratner: RT @elyratner: The slow, inevitable slide to a Chinese military presence in Pakistan.…

RT @spall_ifti: In Muqabil admant @BabarAwanPK said state of Pakistan internall'y z at trail. Money trael z nonexistent @KlasraRauf PM nepotism fully xposed

RT @ayshajkhan_: @avisharma777 @Jan_Achakzai Oye Indian key bachey, nice joke,yes like Pakistan has shown you 3 times already I never said that you did, I gave you counter narrative, your Migs aremire a laugh than your whole country

RT @afreen4india: In Pakistan Hindus are being Killed and then Pakistan wishes Hindus in India should be tolerant towards us Muslims? Pakistan is the biggest enemy of Islam. Pakistan is responsible for brainwashing our Molvis who inturn continued to poison relationship between Hindus and Muslims.