Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

Godrich Gardee (EFF) tweette :

#InOtherCountries faithfully prayers who defy #lockdown against #Covid_19 are dealt with decisively... and hope we do not misbehave and push our forces to reach this point..

RT @WaveIzzy: RT @WaveIzzy: Lockdown will start at midnight, let's use this 21 days to #PrayForSouthAfrica

RT @travellocal_sa: Let us also join our country's President on the eve of the lockdown in observing two minutes of prayer, reflection or silent meditation between 18h00 & 18h30, 26 March. The social media tag will be #prayforsouthafrica together with the country's flag.

RT @Winterboy1407: As we prepare for National Lockdown, we pray for our great country and it's people... God bless South Africa! #PrayForSouthAfrica

David Maynier (DA) tweette :

The lockdown is necessary to #StopTheSpread of #Covid19inSA, but times will be tough for businesses. So, the @WesternCapeGov is working hard to support businesses, back businesses and save businesses, jobs and the economy in the Western Cape. Read more:…

RT @ERAGLENBURN: Welcome to bonkers art with Antonia & Reece. Providing some art activities and some lockdown laughs😂🎨 Today we are making face masks using old clothing and fabric. See if you can create one better than ours! Don’t forget to share!

RT @Caroline_edits: So - at a loose end during lockdown? @honno is sending out a call for submissions on Welsh women’s lives in the 70s. Get writing. Details on the website...…’s-experience-of-the-1970s/

RT @Secretary_MoHUA: Post launch of SBM-U, cleanliness had been very high priority for us. At this time of nation-wide lockdown to arrest the spread of #COVID19, the wastes from quarantined households need to be handled & disposed of with utmost care so that safety under any case is not compromised.

The Lockdown comes to effect tonight at 23:59. A call to all South Africans to work with Government #CoronavirusSouthAfrica

RT @fvdemocratie: Wij steunen de 'intelligente lockdown' van het kabinet. Maar er is meer nodig om het coronavirus te bestrijden. @thierrybaudet roept het kabinet op: sluit de grenzen, handhaaf de nieuwe regels en schroef de testcapaciteit op!…