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@Our_DA Federal Leader, Leader of the Official Opposition: Parliament of RSA. Constitution loving liberal, passionate about RSA and it’s future!


Labour MP for New Lynn. My Twitter is mostly personal but sometimes it’s not. Authorised by Timothy Grigg, 160 Willis St, Wellington

RT @TanDhesi: Arcadia in administration and Debenhams into liquidation is devastating, but it’s also an issue of greed, as Arcadia owners paid themselves tax-free dividends worth way above even the current pension pot deficit. Employees mustn’t end up paying the price with their pensions.

We must set out our vision for what comes next outside the EU. It’s critical we now look to our future relationships with our closest allies, how we’ll work together on key issues and rebuild economic ties. #PoliticsLive @UKLabour @labourpress

Kees Vendrik (unknown) retweette @AOC :

RT @AOC: Big day! We’re rolling out our next major project: A Just Society. It’s a 6-piece suite: 1. Recognizing Poverty Act 2. Place to Prosper Act 3. Mercy in Re-Entry Act 4. Embrace Act 5. Uplift Our Workers Act 6. Ratify the UN Covenant on Economic, Social, & Cultural Rights ⬇️…

Karl Turner MP (Labour) retweette @AOC :

RT @AOC: Having a seat in Congress is not about individual glory - it never has been, and never will be. It’s about serving the millions of children and people in our communities and across the country. Everyone deserves the dignity of representation. America belongs to us all. 🇺🇸

Nathan Cullen (NDP) retweette @AOC :

RT @AOC: What a damn shame. We must pass the 9/11 Victim’s Compensation Fund. It’s not just about procedure. It’s about showing up for the heroes who were there for us. I don’t sit on this committee, but if any of the first responders there today would like to meet with me, let me know.…

tiers bakker (sp) retweette @AOC :

RT @AOC: People think it’s a joke when folks say we have to work 2x as hard for the same seat. Whether you believe it or not, the upside is when we do get here,we’re used to being held to a diff bar. To being doubted. To getting new hoops thrown @ us last min. So we know how to perform.…

Brian Masse (NDP) tweette :

It’s been 1 month since I wrote @marcomendicino RE: #familyreunification. No response to letter. I’m asking again - the Liberals need to live up to their promises and reunite families safely. #LoveIsNotTourism #cdnpoli@FacesofAdvocacy @j61944409 @leonard86640029 @Sean_P_Dillon

RT @TanDhesi: RT @TanDhesi: It’s official! The Prime Minister loves Slough.

Mmusi Maimane (DA) tweette :

Mr Ramaphosa @PresidencyZA it’s time to deliver on your promises and to make the sexual offenses register accessible to all, it must be put online and every police station should have a dedicated computer where individuals can come and check if they don’t have internet. #16Days

RT @TanDhesi: RT @TanDhesi: It’s official! The Prime Minister loves Slough.