Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

Ian Austin (Labour) tweette :

I’m sorry. Andy’s right. I shouldn’t have said they’re probably in mourning when it’s more likely that they had him lined up for one of the selection short lists and they’ve been too busy trying to find a replacement.

Denise Lee (unknown) tweette :

If the Government says something they shouldn’t complain when we share it

Sofia Arkelsten (sweden) tweette :

Bäst kasse just nu! ”Things you should and shouldn’t know” Tack snälla @FinAmbSthlm 💙🇫🇮🇸🇪#suomifinland

2/2 Also, if the @CPC_HQ communication team doesn’t want these type of stories they shouldn’t take a day and a half to get back to the media, as with Justina McCaffrey, Rachel Wilson etc. their incompetence causes headaches for the local campaign #cdnpoli…

@DirtiestDeeds According to the @ukhomeoffice Shouldn’t there be a ‘KFC’ somewhere in this Venn diagram?

Clive Lewis MP (Labour) beantwoordde @mac123_m :

@mac123_m @CarolineLucas Yes I want a eco-socialist labour govt. Yhat shouldn’t be tooo difficult to discern from my past three years? Next!

Hina Butt (pakistan) tweette :

It shouldn’t just be tweeting about a Pic please direct the @GOPunjabPK to pass the ANTI-DOWRY Bill preach submitted in the Punjab Assembly

@SkyNewsAust @ljayes @JohnRyan1956 We shouldn’t have to continue shouting out the names of our friends, family members and peers who have died just to be heard. This process continues to be an extremely traumatic and emotionally labouring experience for me and for so many others. All we want it justice.

Bob Seely MP (UKMPs) tweette :

There shouldn’t be a trade-off. We can have both by seeking trading deals but being clear about protecting our interests.

Translation = you ladies shouldn’t play zero sum games. Leave that to us blokes.