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Hey @JaneHume it shouldn’t have been any people, you can’t sugar coat this fraud by saying it’s was only a small number of people!’ #superfraud #auspol @abc730

@EdinburghRecord @adrian406 So I shouldn’t say thank you? So I shouldn’t say these people save lives on a a daily baais. I shouldn’t use whatever profile I have to draw attention to a profession that deserves our thanks? Really?

MEDIA RELEASE: This Crisis Shouldn’t be an Excuse for More Attacks on Super #auspol #ausecon

This Easter, the sun may be out - but we shouldn’t be. These next few days are crucial in our fight against coronavirus and so it’s vital we all stay at home. #StayHomeSaveLives 👉 👉

Marja Lubeck (unknown) beantwoordde @cjsbishop :

@cjsbishop Serious point. Shouldn’t be a PR exercise; thought your leader said no campaigning...

Government shouldn’t delay social lockdown as delay costs more cases & deaths eg a day’s delay in Hubei lockdown equals 40% (20,000) more cases, quicker health system collapse leading to a mortality rate up to 10x Pls share article:-

Helen Polley (australia) tweette :

People who have experienced sexual assault and violence at any age shouldn’t be alone. Older women who report sexual assault often feel unsupported and discredited. This much change Walk With Her #Walkwithher #auspol #politas

M&S shouldn’t have apologised. And why is the Mail referring throughout to ‘their’ ??… via @Femail

Nick McKim (australia) tweette :

A landmark and very welcome decision by the High Court. It shouldn’t need to be said, but trying to deport Aboriginal people who’s country we stole is a fundamentally racist thing to do.…

Don Davies MP (NDP) tweette :

Great news: NDP support growing. Bad news: poll graphics are clearly manipulated (shouldn’t 19% show as MORE than half of 34%??)