Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

Why is Robert Mercer in this at all, btw? The scenes have no dramatic function. Their only purpose, I assume, is to signal to American viewers that Brexit is - in some unspecified way - to do with Trump.

@Botanygeek Loved your episode on Andean potatoes, btw. Wonderful. Q te vaya bien.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweette :

@KentatCEI Thanks again, Kent: great event. BTW, I don't know how, but @mfcannon has found out that we spent the day gossiping about him.

RT @EFTAsecretariat: Good progress made btw #EFTA and #Indonesia in 12th round of neg on a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement…

RT @wllharri007: @JoeCatcheside @DanielJHannan @Alison_McGovern BTW, I'm a quater Italian, Spanish French and English and fluent in 3. Love…

@ThomasEvansUKIP There are more food banks just as there are more iPhones: a new invention is spreading. In every advanced country, btw.

@OwenJones84 I'm enjoying your book, btw. I might review it for one or another of the enemies. 😏

@TimMontgomerie @resfoundation What happened, btw, to that rather good proposal of Osborne's to merge income tax and NI?

Daniel Hannan (unknown) beantwoordde @jpodhoretz :

@jpodhoretz @Ed_Miliband Fair point. Shana Tova, btw.