Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

Give em to #Morrison at the rate he’s going we’ll be back in the #70s soon! #backwardsPM #electionnow #auspol

.@frankelly08 💕 your ‘on the inside’ song on #Insiders I hope that’s not the last we’ll 👂 of your singing or that song! #greatjob #auspol #WentworthFalls #wentworthvotes

RT @MurrayWatt: Later today in #Estimates, we’ll be asking about the #Paladin scandal. Meanwhile, here are some photos of the Kangaroo Island registered office of the company which received $423M in taxpayer funds.

RT @Shorten_Suite: Morrison: I’ve finally discovered the banks do bad things. Also Morrison: here’s a $17 billion tax cut which we’ll cut schools and hospitals to pay for. #auspol

RT @billshortenmp: It’s your car - it should be your choice where you get it serviced. We’ll help local mechanics and the household budget.…

RT @tanya_plibersek: .@AustralianLabor will restore all of the $17 billion the Liberals have cut from schools, and we’ll makes sure public schools get the most extra funding.

RT @June_Oscar: We’ll be visiting South Australia next week for the Wiyi Yani U Thangani (Women's Voices) project. First stop is #Yalata, then #Ceduna and #Adelaide. We invite all Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander women & girls to come along!…

RT @actudave: Yesterday I appeared before yet another hearing on the Libs’ stalled #ABCC bill. We’ll fight this witch hunt. And win. Again. #auspol

RT @AustralianLabor: RT @AustralianLabor: We’ll clean out the dodgy private colleges who have been ripping Australians off for too long #auspol