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RT @BlakeJasonZ: This is the apooge of War crimes in Kashmir..Look how this Kashmir boy was showered with pellets in close range,this is the gross human rights violations by Indian Govt..World bodies must take notice of this Barbarism.@UN @amnesty @UNHumanRights

RT @MairajUDinBhat: RT @MairajUDinBhat: A Child Offer Nimaz On Rock Somewhere in Kashmir ❣️ @rifatabdullahh

RT @Shamandasht: RT @Shamandasht: #ReferendumForKashmiris The are Humans but without the defined rights, humanity sleeps Kashmir weeps…

RT @onefreekashmir: The crackdown and an anti-Kashmir frenzy whipped up by India's media—had impacted Kashmiri researchers. They face discrimination leading to anxiety and insecurity. @ashoswai @MirzaWaheed @UNGeneva @RanaAyyub @carin__fischer @azadessa @AudreyTruschke…

RT @Rabs_AA: CSSPR Webinar, "Kashmir in the Age of Detention: What Changes for the Kashmiris pre and post-Pandemic?" on Tuesday May 5, 2pm-4pm (PST) Moderator: Dr. Rabia Akhtar Speakers: @Masood__Khan Dr. @LodhiMaleeha @rvschofield and Awais Raoof

RT @JaamMehmood: Wadi Ma Bichi Ha Saf_E_Matam Ab Tk Zulm-O-Sitm-O-Choor Nhi Km Ab Tk Uf Sbzah O Gul Ma Ya Lpakte Shulay Kashmir Ki Jannat Ha Jahanum Ab Tk. I STAND WITH #Kashmir

RT @IhteshamAfghan: Parliament joint session for Kashmir is brilliant but where are it’s two members from Waziristan. #ReleaseAliWazirMohsinDawar

RT @IhteshamAfghan: Pakistan Parliament will condemn Indian atrocities in Kashmir while conveniently ignore that two of its members and human right activists are missing. Ironic #ReleaseAliWazirMohsinDawar

RT @IhteshamAfghan: Before you unite your Parliment House for solidarity with Kashmir, you need to produce @Aliwazirna50 & @mjdawar in the Joint session to make it successful.Raza Rabbani #ReleaseAliWazirMohsinDawar