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This is the official Twitter account of Rashtrapati Bhavan and is run by President’s Secretariat. Tweets from the President are signed – President Mukherjee

#Pakistan spying on #India blame game reaches REDZONE. As per #india its now #PigeonsVsIndianDrones -Spying shifts from drones/humans to birds/locusts. Pak owner of #PigeonSpy appeals for secure n safe release of his #pigeon & we are requesting #Africa to contain their #Locusts

RT @Kamran_Yousaf: In 1998, Pakistan resisted the US pressure to conduct nuclear tests But in 1962 during the China-India war, Pakistan, under Gen Ayub, gave in to US pressure on Kashmir. Pakistan at that time had a rare & golden chance to liberate Kashmir but Ayub couldn't take the advantage.

RT @Imamofpeace: Barbaric cavemen attacking doctors in India because they believe coronavirus doesn’t affect them and no doctors are needed.

RT @ashyjkhan: Recognition of Israel does not serve Pakistan in any positive way. Israel support for India will continue and will establish our moral decline moving away from a 2 state solution. The Arabs who have ties with Israel is due 2 regional compulsion not choice

RT @USCIRF: USCIRF will be participating on 5/21 in a briefing for US Congress on religious freedom conditions in India and recommendations in the #USCIRFAnnualReport2020. Click here to read USCIRF recommendations on #India:

RT @Abd_el_kaderr: RT @Abd_el_kaderr: India is fast becoming a fascist, Islamophobic, Hinduvta banana republic

RT @kashmiri_kurii: Ok , koi to hai Bollywood mein jisne sach bola der se he sahi . Cows are more safe in India than women and all minorities . #NaseeruddinShah

RT @thewire_in: India has suggested to Pakistan and Iran that both countries coordinate locust control operations along the border and has even offered to supply pesticides.…

@JayantBhandari5 No false flag operation can save India from the stupidity of Modi. Stop living in a fools paradise, Pakistan is led by a brave leader @ImranKhanPTI who will not hesitate for second to respond.