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This crisis shouldn’t be an excuse to leave more Australians behind. #auspol #superannuation

Hey @JaneHume it shouldn’t have been any people, you can’t sugar coat this fraud by saying it’s was only a small number of people!’ #superfraud #auspol @abc730

MEDIA RELEASE: This Crisis Shouldn’t be an Excuse for More Attacks on Super #auspol #ausecon

Helen Polley (australia) tweette :

People who have experienced sexual assault and violence at any age shouldn’t be alone. Older women who report sexual assault often feel unsupported and discredited. This much change Walk With Her #Walkwithher #auspol #politas

Nick McKim (australia) tweette :

A landmark and very welcome decision by the High Court. It shouldn’t need to be said, but trying to deport Aboriginal people who’s country we stole is a fundamentally racist thing to do.…

@SkyNewsAust @ljayes @JohnRyan1956 We shouldn’t have to continue shouting out the names of our friends, family members and peers who have died just to be heard. This process continues to be an extremely traumatic and emotionally labouring experience for me and for so many others. All we want it justice.

Translation = you ladies shouldn’t play zero sum games. Leave that to us blokes.

Religious schools shouldn’t be allowed to expel gays students, and their churches shouldn’t be able to allowed to cover up child abuse with the excuse of confessional. If they want public money they should abide by all our laws, including mandatory reporting

Cory Bernardi (australia) tweette :

Here are 721 million reasons that government shouldn’t be in business. They turn every transaction into a loser for taxpayers.…

🍓🍓KEEP BUYING, SHOW CAUTION🍓🍓 This act of criminal sabotage shouldn’t impact our farmers. I encourage everyone to keep buying great Australian produce. Be sure to cut your strawberries to be on the safe side until we catch the culprit. #agchatoz