Alle verwijderde tweets van politici



Minister for Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare. 7 times MLA in Odisha Legislative Assembly from Athgarh Constituency. Views Personal. RT isn't endorsement.


Profesor Universidad @uc3m. Periodista. Senador @CepedaSen "The most important thing in communication is to feel what is being said and hearing what isn't said"

RT @ywcavic: RT @ywcavic: Well, this is nice isn't it?! Thanks @Indigocathy…

RT @GirlsPlayFooty: RT @GirlsPlayFooty: Try and spot a player on that field that isn't grinning from ear to ear. This is amazing. #AFLWBluesPies

RT @nicolasajones: RT @nicolasajones: @sarahinthesen8 Pretty certain if @DavidLeyonhjelm thinks its ok, it definitely isn't.

Problem for the Banks isn't some slap on wrist from Lib stacked inquiry, it's that customers don't trust them & think they're greedy

RT @MissPennyMonney: RT @MissPennyMonney: @outandabout12 The vote list isn't out yet and @SenatorSiewert is ignoring