Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

RT @davidakin: FTR: Embassy of Belgium was informed well in advance of trip this week by Belgian royals to Canada that PMJT was unlikely to…

RT @CanadianArmy: Embassy of #Canada in Korea to co-host “#ImjinClassic 2018”. The commemorative ice #hockey game coincides with the #Pyeon…

Dan Albas (Conservative) tweette :

At the Canadian Embassy in Washington with as part of a Finance Committee delegation.

Laurin Liu (unknown) tweette :

Cda monitoring Saudi Arabia arms sale in "Several ways. On the ground, you know, we have people. An embassy" Erm, OK…

Laurin Liu (unknown) tweette :

Human chain around the American embassy in Ottawa, Canada. Photo via Amnesty International #RefugeesWelcomeHere

RT @blakehounshell: This is INSANE. Erdogan’s goons rough up Kurdish protesters ON EMBASSY ROW, as D.C. cops valiantly try to stop them. ht…

RT @l_stone: Room is quiet here at the Canadian embassy. No one clapping along to President Trump's pledge to put the US-first.

James Moore (unknown) tweette :

Boris Nemtsov Plaza: Sen. Rubio want to rename street in Front of Russian Embassy in Honor of Assassinated Dissident…

Brad Trost (Conservative) tweette :

Gerelt w Saranchimeg MP head of Canada Mongolia Parliamentary group,MP A.Undraa and Carol Sherman from CDN Embassy

Ralph Goodale (Liberal) tweette :

I visited the US Embassy today to sign the Book of Condolences for the LGBTQ2 community, Orlando+the American ppl