Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

sipho mbatha (EFF) retweette @Breaking911 :

RT @Breaking911: After President Trump threatened to stop funding the WHO, director-general says you shouldn’t politicize the virus unless you “want more body bags.” "Please quarantine from politicizing COVID."

Government shouldn’t delay social lockdown as delay costs more cases & deaths eg a day’s delay in Hubei lockdown equals 40% (20,000) more cases, quicker health system collapse leading to a mortality rate up to 10x Pls share article:-

David Maynier (DA) tweette :

He shouldn’t be! So enjoying The Last Hunt. cc. @MeyerDeon

RT @DeniseLeeMP: RT @DeniseLeeMP: If the Government says something they shouldn’t complain when we share it

Denise Lee (unknown) tweette :

If the Government says something they shouldn’t complain when we share it

RT @MrTCHarris: I shouldn’t be surprised that most nationalists’ response to my @LabourHame article are along the lines of “Sure, half a dead baby is better than a whole, healthy one.”…

@SkyNewsAust @ljayes @JohnRyan1956 We shouldn’t have to continue shouting out the names of our friends, family members and peers who have died just to be heard. This process continues to be an extremely traumatic and emotionally labouring experience for me and for so many others. All we want it justice.

RT @geertwilderspvv: I just spoke to #TommyRobinson and gave him my full support! We shouldn’t allow the vile political elites to silence a brave whistleblower exposing rape-jihad. I urge all freedom loving men and women all over the world: Raise your voice and say NO if Tommy is jailed tomorrow!

RT @DoctorAfghan: State shouldn’t repeat the history of 1971 by crushing the rights movement through force and keep the rest of the country in dark by manipulating media. How can a movement demanding constitutional rights & federal democracy be a threat? ⁦@MirSwat⁩…

RT @K_IngalaSmith: Anyone who thinks seeing a 5 year-year-old girl child riding a bicycle is provocative and/or immodest, shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near children. Restrict his freedom, not theirs.