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Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Newcastle North. Disclaimer: during the election there are no MP’s. Any reference to MP therefore predates 5 Nov 2019.

Nivedith Alva (india) tweette :

Let’s remember that when such meetings were called by the @siddaramaiah or @hd_kumaraswamy govt’s MLA’s & MP’s across all party lines were invited. The last of these meetings we saw in the news when @DrParameshwara was handling Blore saw all invited too. Silly & unnecessary.

RT @EFFSouthAfrica: EFF Invites Media To A Photshoot At MP’s and MPL’s Induction Workshop.

RT @EFFSouthAfrica: EFF Invites Media To A Photshoot At MP’s and MPL’s Induction Workshop.

RT @CustodianCop: @theresa_may, @sajidjavid and their fellow MP’s are adept at not answering questions and not being truthful, but they mus…

The @MYANC and @EFFSouthAfrica MP’s have voted down my request to have a discussion to find solutions on how to save 350 000 jobs in the sugar cane industry crisis. They said there is ‘no time’ and they have no idea why this needs to be discussed. Remember this when you vote.

RT @wr1ghtsan: @BrandonLewis Is it true only 5 Tory MP’s spoke in the debate, Brenda? And labour voted against it as it’s a real time cut?

Delighted to meet the staff at Maritime @HospitalMedway - a strong team spirit and support from local MP’s is helping to turn this trust around

RT @BBCkatyaadler: 1) Again and again I’m struck by the chasm in thinking between leading MP’s on #Brexit and the viewpoint of EU leaders -…

RT @EmmaWoodsITV: Will MP’s stop speaking out about important issue if it makes them the target of online abuse? Join the debate with Wolv…

Stephen Lloyd MP (UKMPs) tweette :

Couldn’t agree more, albeit support is definitely beginning to build for my EDM with 38 MP’s now supporting it. Please RT to your MP if they haven’t yet signed. I need to keep growing the momentum across all the party’s in Westminster!! My EDM link:……