Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

@EdinburghRecord @adrian406 So I shouldn’t say thank you? So I shouldn’t say these people save lives on a a daily baais. I shouldn’t use whatever profile I have to draw attention to a profession that deserves our thanks? Really?

M&S shouldn’t have apologised. And why is the Mail referring throughout to ‘their’ ??… via @Femail

Ian Austin (Labour) beantwoordde @FluidCloak :

@FluidCloak You shouldn’t be laughing about racism. How many of your vanity-published self-recorded “albums” have you sold? Is it as many as your followers on twitter?

Hina Butt (pakistan) tweette :

It shouldn’t just be tweeting about a Pic please direct the @GOPunjabPK to pass the ANTI-DOWRY Bill preach submitted in the Punjab Assembly

Australia shouldn’t have a bare of agreeing to the TPP which includes Japan while they push to lift a 30-year ban on commercial whaling. Australians are horrified at that Japan wants to slaughter whales for money 🐳 🐋…

@Frankhaviland Shouldn’t @vincecable be reported to @ECHR for allegedly racist anti white and ageist comments?…

If Ahsan Iqbal & federal govt feel that Pak Army shouldn’t be commenting on economy in public then show courage and dismiss COAS & DG ISPR

Vernon Coaker MP (UKMPs) tweette :

(2) I agree with @JonAshworth that government shouldn’t be able to simply get away with missing crucial targets

David Maynier MP (DA) tweette :

Transformation is overdue but we shouldn’t be reckless – Yunus Carrim… via @City_Press

Daniel Hannan (unknown) beantwoordde @plegrain :

@plegrain "Hannan might be peeved he didn’t feature, but ego shouldn’t come into it...." Seriously? You haven't been hacked by a teenager?