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Zishan 🇮🇳 (india) beantwoordde @SidrahDP :

@SidrahDP You have to understand that as per Indian constitution- the State (Govt) has to be secular..... the India will has all the liberty to follow and practice the religion of his/her choice. And this differentiates the western secularism from Indian.

RT @OfficialMqm: " I niether applied assylum nor filled any form for assylum in India, I just said generally not formally" MQM founder lead…

RT @fispahani: #India Why the Gandhis cannot lead India’s Opposition, writes @Ram_Guha - columns - Hindustan Times…

RT @smartypoppat: Negative propaganda shows the narrow mindedness of India!!! #IndiaAgainstKartarpur

RT @HindustanTimes: Delhi air quality smog updates pollution north india delhi air pollution CAPITAL PUNISHMENT…

@vasudha_ET @iamsrk My top 3 @iamsrk movies: 1. Chak De India 2. Swades 3. Dear Zindagi

For the first time in history - The US House Committee on Foreign Affairs discuss Kashmir issue - criticising India and it's human rights violations in Kashmir. All happening because of superb diplomacy by Pakistan led by Prime Minister Imran Khan #KashmirAtForeignHouse

Congress (india) tweette :

11 years ago India & the entire team at ISRO made history by launching its first lunar mission Chandrayaan-I.

RT @AinurulRosli: @BobBlackman British MP on the importance of supporting and improving trade between UK-India. @brunelhive is supporting t…

RT @tenzinbhutan: OMG! This is so sad! A disgraceful act by a few ignorant tourists from India!