Alle verwijderde tweets van politici



Minister for Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare. 7 times MLA in Odisha Legislative Assembly from Athgarh Constituency. Views Personal. RT isn't endorsement.


Profesor Universidad @uc3m. Periodista. Senador @CepedaSen "The most important thing in communication is to feel what is being said and hearing what isn't said"

RT @timothy_stanley: RT @timothy_stanley: @1jamiefoster @andrew_lilico They're being very silly. It just isn't as big a deal as they think.

RT @toadmeister: RT @toadmeister: Brexit isn't about immigration. It's about reclaiming our democratic rights. Watch my film via @Yo…

RT @ukleave_eu: RT @ukleave_eu: Brexit Isn't About Leaving Today's European Union: It's About Not Joining Tomorrow's via @forbes…

RT @beleaveuk: RT @beleaveuk: Erasmus+ isn't limited to the EU. Non-EU Programme Countries include Macedonia, Norway, Turkey and more. #BeLeave https://t.…