Alle verwijderde tweets van politici



Minister for Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare. 7 times MLA in Odisha Legislative Assembly from Athgarh Constituency. Views Personal. RT isn't endorsement.


Profesor Universidad @uc3m. Periodista. Senador @CepedaSen "The most important thing in communication is to feel what is being said and hearing what isn't said"

RT @MammothWhale: RT @MammothWhale: But...isn't that already the idea? This is kind of odd reporting ◽…

RT @MiriamBrett: RT @MiriamBrett: Corbyn not knowing Scots law exists or thinking welfare is devolved isn't down to him being badly briefed. He's an MP. He…

RT @JamesMelville: RT @JamesMelville: Theresa May to a nurse on a pay freeze: "There isn't a magic money tree." Theresa May to DUP: "Have £1 billion." https:/…

RT @slovellee: RT @slovellee: Nicola Sturgeon is perhaps the only politician right now who isn't infuriating me◽◽ moving to Scotland at this rate

RT @AndrewSNicoll: RT @AndrewSNicoll: Getting a wee bit tired of the national broadcaster telling me about this doctors' strike which isn't happening.

RT @GAPonsonby: RT @GAPonsonby: Kezia Dugdale isn't just a lame-duck, she's now a sitting duck. #Corbyn

RT @KatieKhaleesi: RT @KatieKhaleesi: One of the most delusional things I've ever read. Glad it isn't from anyone responsible for protecting our safety! https…

RT @gsiemens: RT @gsiemens: Seriously America. Why is this even a contest? Why isn't Hillary up by, oh, say 90 points?