Alle verwijderde tweets van politici



Minister for Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare. 7 times MLA in Odisha Legislative Assembly from Athgarh Constituency. Views Personal. RT isn't endorsement.


Profesor Universidad @uc3m. Periodista. Senador @CepedaSen "The most important thing in communication is to feel what is being said and hearing what isn't said"

RT @milomindbender1: @AngusMacNeilSNP Cumming isn't going anywhere. To say he knows where the bodies are buried is something of an understatement; the policies concocted by these people resulted in around 65 thousand bodies. You thought thieves were thick...

RT @IndyrefTWO: Here's hard-line British Nationalist Ruth Davidson laughing her way through The One Show. The person who apparently isn't available to answer questions on serious political issues on GMS has been handed a platform by the corrupt BBC to promote the mythical 'Jokey-Ruthie' image.

RT @IndyrefTWO: RT @IndyrefTWO: The name of the party is missing ... again. Oh, it isn't SNP.

RT @GAPonsonby: So why isn't Mundell being pursued by wide-eyed journalists brandishing pitchforks in the same way Michael Matheson was pursued? Moreover, why isn't 'influential' Ruth facing questions? Hasn't she influence anymore? Has her invites to May's Cabinet meetings dried up?…

RT @GAPonsonby: GMS bulletins this morning continually referred to a racism problem "within Scottish politics". It isn't. It's a racism problem within Scottish Unionism. They've courted right-wing British Nationalists. Ruth’s councillors highlighted it but the media downplayed it.

RT @GAPonsonby: Leaving aside the inaccurate headline [it isn't Nicola Sturgeon's Brexit Bill, it's the Scottish Govt's, backed by the Scottish parliament] this is a huge story that's been brewing for days but that I haven't seen on BBC Scotland at all. Have I missed it?

RT @GAPonsonby: As someone else pointed out; Why isn't BBC Scotland running with the line that the SNP dismissed Cambridge Analytica as a 'bunch of cowboys'. The answer is it offers no mileage as a smear. The job of BBC Scotland reporters is to invite the public to *infer* the SNP was 'at it'.

RT @GAPonsonby: RT @GAPonsonby: This just isn't right. Civil Servants sitting in London refusing to allow a Canadian into Scotland to teach Gaelic. https:/…

RT @GAPonsonby: RT @GAPonsonby: Michelle Thomson was effectively stalked by a BBC Scotland reporter. Why isn't Ruth being subjected to the same? All justif…

RT @GAPonsonby: RT @GAPonsonby: Maybe I'm mistaken, but isn't the Scottish Govt already tackling this issue?