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RT @CricCrazyJohns: Memorable victory for Jammu & Kashmir. They have beaten Uttar Pradesh by 8 wickets - Team consisting of Raina, Priyam Garg, Rajpoot, Bhuvneshwar in Syed Mushtaq Ali - chasing 125 runs, Abdul Samad came at three and scored unbeaten 54 runs from 35 balls.

RT @ashoswai: RT @ashoswai: Modi makes Art370 an election issue in Bihar. Modi can't fight an election without talking about Muslims, Kashmir & Pakistan.

RT @ashoswai: By abrogating Article 370 Modi had promised to end foreign (Pakistan) interferences in Kashmir. But, the abrogation has encouraged China to not only interfere but also occupy areas in Kashmir!…

RT @ashoswai: The foreign affairs committee of the United States Congress has expressed concern over conditions in Kashmir!… via @TheClarionIndia

RT @ashoswai: RT @ashoswai: BJP workers have taken over girls hostel in Kashmir! What is going on?

RT @ashoswai: RT @ashoswai: If Mumbai is Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, what is Nagpur? Aksai Chin?

RT @ashoswai: He had Saved 19 Soldiers in 2014 but joined militancy after Pulwama! Modi's politics has changed Kashmir.… via @kashmirobserver

RT @ashoswai: As if Pakistan was not enough now China directly supporting militants in Kashmir! No one but Modi to be blamed for it.…

RT @ashoswai: Of the 66 top bureaucrats in Muslim-majority Jammu & Kashmir at this time, 38 are from other states. Of the 12 sitting judges at the high court, only two are Muslim. And there is not a single Muslim officer in the Lt Governor’s secretariat.… via @thewire_in

RT @ashoswai: The map on Saudi Arabia banknote shows Kashmir, Jammu, and Ladakh are not any more Indian territories. Modi is happy getting an award.… via @thewire_in