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RT @ashoswai: RT @ashoswai: Modi makes Art370 an election issue in Bihar. Modi can't fight an election without talking about Muslims, Kashmir & Pakistan.

RT @ashoswai: RT @ashoswai: Modi regime engaged in large-scale demographic change in Kashmir - Making Kashmiris minorities in Kashmir!…

RT @ashoswai: RT @ashoswai: Erdogan raises the Kashmir issue at the UN. Modi has made Kashmir an international issue than it was ever before.

On Jan 5, 1949, #UNCIP passed a resolution for Kashmiris' right to self-determination. After 72 years, Kashmir issue is still unresolved. Since @ImranKhanPTI took over, we have launched an unprecedented offensive on Kashmir. @UN must act to hold plebiscite per its commitment.

RT @ImranKhanPTI: On 5th January 1949, the United Nations guaranteed the right to self-determination for the people of Jammu and Kashmir through an impartial plebiscite. We observe this day as a reminder to the UN & its member states of their unfulfilled commitment to the Kashmiri people.

RT @daniellealiice: India denied a visa to a Turkish woman I know who’s married to a #Kashmiri. She simply wants to go to #Kashmir to meet her in-laws properly. Certain foreigners (e.g. Turks) are deemed too risky in exposing India’s “internal affairs”. If “all is well” in Kashmir, why deny her? 🤔

RT @cyalm: IK contradicts SMQ on Kashmir and the OIC - says Middle East and Gulf countries have their own foreign policies and decisions, Pakistan has its own position...

RT @mukhtiar_gmail: RT @mukhtiar_gmail: @a_siab @mjdawar Same people cries for Kashmir and Palestine on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annually

RT @YasifChaudhry: RT @YasifChaudhry: Sikhs have taken control of India #IndiaShutDown completely, Let's make free Kashmir and Khalistan…

RT @IhteshamAfghan: V support those taliban who fight in Afghanistan & kashmir. V defeated USA bec of taliban bec USA & India r a threat to us. HAMID UL Haq Haqqani Madrassa Akorha khattak.