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Vinit Goenka (india) retweette @adgpi :

RT @adgpi: ‘Operation Vijay’ 29 June 1999 Dras Sector Captain M V Sooraj, Naik Kashmir Singh & Rifleman Kuldeep Singh displayed raw courage and exemplary valour during capture of Point 4700. Awarded #VirChakra………

RT @SofiaLioness_0: @khamenei_ir @UN Where is your conscious when innocent women & children are being slaughtered in #Kashmir trade billions with #India & facilitate terrorist camps against Pakistan. #Kashmir to #Syria you have blood on your hands & we will testify against you on Day Of Judgement. #FreeKashmir

RT @SofiaLioness_0: 7. Preparation: The Indian Army occupies Kashmir; BJP leaders speak of the “Final Solution” for Kashmir; 8. Persecution: Kashmiri Muslims are locked down, subject to arrest, torture, rape, and murder. #BloodyFenceBetweenAState

RT @SofiaLioness_0: Human rights abuses in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir state are an ongoing issue. The abuses range from mass killings, enforced disappearances, torture, rape and sexual abuse to political repression and suppression of freedom of speech. #KnuckledDownTroopers_IOK

RT @azadessa: The blockade on #Kashmir must end. @AOC signs on; how do American Indian youth who believe in Hindutva reconcile with the fact that some of the loudest voices for justice and equality in America today ... are standing against their ideology, too?

RT @azadessa: RT @azadessa: Black Lives Matter activist: Why we stand with Kashmir…

RT @azadessa: India unintentionally internationalised the Kashmir issue when it revoked the region's special status in August. @IlhanMN @SpanbergerVA07 @JacksonLeeTX18 did the rest…

RT @azadessa: Much of Kashmir is in darkness due to an unseasonal snowstorm. Roads were no cleared rendering people blocked in their homes & neighbourhoods. Without phones, emergency services could not assist. But India is donating solar panels to the UN.…

RT @azadessa: Please watch our film about a young boy in Kashmir who lost most of his eyesight after being shot in the face with lead coated pellets fired by India’s armed forces. It took 18 months to produce due to restrictions in the valley. Via @AJEnglish