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Chairman Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir, Minister of State for Safron & Narcotics Control Govt of Pakistan | Member Asian Parliament |


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RT @kavita_krishnan: #StandWithJammuAndKashmir Last year, we brought some voices from Kashmir out, in spite of the lockdown/crackdown. Voices the propagandist media were gagging. Watch our video report again. And remember, J&K is still crying out in pain.…

RT @azadessa: RT @azadessa: A people under siege. This is brutal. Please note: Graphic images. #Kashmir

RT @azadessa: Definition of tyranny: @standwkashmir - a Kashmir diaspora-led international solidarity group that seeks to highlight the situation on the ground are currently unable to post links on their @facebook for the past 2 days because of the amount of right-wing complaints.

RT @azadessa: Since 2016 Indian armed forces have escalated the use of lead pellets in #Kashmir: 18 people killed 139 blinded 1,459 injured in at least one eye 2,942 injured in the head, chest, arms, legs

RT @azadessa: Hi @a_jan I see your name on this flyer celebrating the removal of Article 370 in Kashmir. Does your constituency know that you support the blockade of 8 million people? Does @JoeBiden support this? Also, is this what you mean by "centrist" policies?

RT @azadessa: "And how dare you think of paradise when Kashmir still exists on earth?" Now is the pretty good time to revisit Feroz Rather's mesmerizing novel "The Night of Broken Glass". Read my review and then go buy the book. 👇🏾…

RT @azadessa: Congresswoman Ilhan Omar continues to speak out about injustice and continues to stand with the people of Kashmir. Full statement 👇🏾…

RT @azadessa: RT @azadessa: Incredible virgil here in Time Square for Kashmir.

RT @azadessa: The blockade on #Kashmir must end. @AOC signs on; how do American Indian youth who believe in Hindutva reconcile with the fact that some of the loudest voices for justice and equality in America today ... are standing against their ideology, too?

RT @azadessa: RT @azadessa: Black Lives Matter activist: Why we stand with Kashmir…