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Startup Monk (india) retweette @DVATW :

RT @DVATW: As I understand it, he explicitly states that Muslims living in #Kashmir should "kill Hindus" This sort of hateful and inciteful talk has no place in a civilised world. If Pakistanis do not condemn him, do they agree that they wish genocide against minorities in #Kashmir?…

RT @DVATW: Between 1990 and 2000, at least 300,000 people were ethically cleansed from Muslim controlled #Kashmir. That's a huge number and yet the BBC never once investigated it. Now that India is restoring civility to #Kashmir the BBC are outraged and eyes on the ground!

Naorem Mohen (india) retweette @DVATW :

RT @DVATW: Hi Liam, Revoking #Article370 means restoring minority rights including for the LGBT community in #Kashmir; it means enabling property rights for all. Why do you oppose these? Are you THAT much in the pocket of your (UK) Pakistani constituents? Please advise,…

RT @SirJambavan: ROFL. Kashmir of 1989 wasn't a portent. Bomb blasts of 1992-1996 weren't. Terrorist attacks all over India with local support from 2001-2014 weren't a portent. Nandimarg, Anantnag massacres weren't. If I call you a chutiya, chutiyas will take exception.…

RT @azadessa: At @dcmuslimjustice teach-in on Kashmir #standwithkashmir “Kashmiris feel the occupation began in 1947 with the arrival of Indian troops”

RT @azadessa: No matter what I say about Kashmir, the first response is usually -- "what about the Kashmiri Pandits?" 9 years ago I wrote two pieces that tried to explain this tragic period in Kashmir's recent history. Seems like a good time to repost 👇🏾

RT @azadessa: The first story was about the small number of Pandits who either remained or returned to Kashmir. If Kashmiri Hindus faced an existential threat, what had happened to those who stayed behind in Kashmir? This is what i wanted to understand.…

RT @azadessa: RT @azadessa: A people under siege. This is brutal. Please note: Graphic images. #Kashmir

RT @azadessa: Definition of tyranny: @standwkashmir - a Kashmir diaspora-led international solidarity group that seeks to highlight the situation on the ground are currently unable to post links on their @facebook for the past 2 days because of the amount of right-wing complaints.

Dipankar (india) retweette @azadessa :

RT @azadessa: Since 2016 Indian armed forces have escalated the use of lead pellets in #Kashmir: 18 people killed 139 blinded 1,459 injured in at least one eye 2,942 injured in the head, chest, arms, legs