Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

@bear_ger Or the signatories are the people I happened to see and ask, and vice versa. It isn't a conspiracy.

Cowardice of the international media. This isn't just a "brawl" it's about Erdogan depriving Kurdish MPs of rights.…

Lovely morning in Glasgow. It isn't raining. And quite fresh. Busy day today with surgeries and meetings.

RT @alisonthewliss: RT @alisonthewliss: The Edinburgh schools PFI issue isn't the only time it's happened; Glasgow ended up £9m out of pocket in 2008: https://…

@XHGordon I understand the voting system perfectly well. I believe that it isn't a wasted vote if you vote who you want. That's democracy.

RT @nytimes: RT @nytimes: Dilma Rousseff's impeachment isn't a coup, it's a cover-up via @nytopinion

@tinnitusrages It isn't gone. It moves on to accountability. This was about removing blame. Now to pursue those who are to blame.

RT @ParkheadHA: RT @ParkheadHA: "The history of society shows that real positive change only comes from struggle from the bottom - it isn't handed out" @Ow…

@BailliestonBhoy @AKMacG @UAS1707 Unfortunately, it isn't as easy as I would like to raise issues in parliament.

Tories making Ruth Davidson focus on ballot paper is a curious one. Yes, journos are entranced, but Tories' polling isn't that great.