Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

Hon. Bob Rae: Special Envoy of PM of Canada for Humanitarian and Refugee Issues; Senior Counsel OKT LLP ; Professor, Munk School University of Toronto

Dit kan een incomplete lijst zijn. Als je denkt dat we iemand missen, stuur ons de naam, land/provincie, politieke partij en positie die ze hebben of waar ze kandidaat voor zijn en uiteraard het Twitter account. Bedankt!

Bob Rae (unknown) retweette @DavidMcLA :

RT @DavidMcLA: You wrote: "the federal government may need to use its strong fiscal position and borrowing power to help out municipalities" What about provinces? They are under growing fiscal duress. Federal borrowing power can help them, in turn, helps municipalities.

Bob Rae (unknown) retweette @corrine_cash :

RT @corrine_cash: @BobRae48 I know. People who haven’t spent time in refugee camps or in informal settlements/slums can’t imagine the reality for millions of people. That was one of the first things I thought about at the beginning of the pandemic.

Bob Rae (unknown) retweette @AaronWherry :

RT @AaronWherry: Punditry from 2006 to 2015: The Prime Minister does not delegate and that is bad. Punditry in 2019: The Prime Minister delegates and that is bad.

Bob Rae (unknown) retweette @AaronWherry :

RT @AaronWherry: RT @AaronWherry: Just in: A statement from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tonight on Iran's admission that Flight 752 was shot down. https:/…

Bob Rae (unknown) retweette @AaronWherry :

RT @AaronWherry: Brian Mulroney's remarks to the House of Commons on September 25, 1999 -- the day before the Oka crisis ended -- are an interesting read.…

Bob Rae (unknown) retweette @jonfranks :

RT @jonfranks: RT @jonfranks: BREAKING: FINALLY, @GovRonDeSantis has issued a Stay-home order for ALL Floridians...

RT @ONGenderStudies: RT @ONGenderStudies: This is horrifying. Why have most Canadians never heard of the "Indian hospitals"? #histforum16 @NCTR_UM…

RT @alexanderknight: I saw tweets claiming 'assassination attempt', it was a protestor with a sign. Read:… #GOP #MAGA #uspoli