Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

XPresident Sindh Women Wing, Welfare, Justice & Self-Esteem. My Life Revolves Around IK's Vision. A True Insafian !! Pakistan Zindabad RT's are not endorsments.

Dit kan een incomplete lijst zijn. Als je denkt dat we iemand missen, stuur ons de naam, land/provincie, politieke partij en positie die ze hebben of waar ze kandidaat voor zijn en uiteraard het Twitter account. Bedankt!

RT @boh_bohemia: Deasel came into politics when for the first time he won a national assembly seat in 1988. Maulana become a popular leader during Benazir second term, when he was nominated as the chairman of the National Assembly standing committee on foreign affairs. #پاکستان_دشمن_مارچ_نامنظور

RT @hafeez997m: #MartyrsPrideOfPakistan Major Akram was commanding a rifle company of the 4th FF Regiment in the forward localities of the Hilli district during 1971 Indo - Pak War. @Rajpoot_IK @Meh_mal00 @EmaanKhan_Says @mudassir_Hasn @gm_dastgir

RT @hafeez997m: Bani Gala ke ilawa uske paas hai kya...janta kon hai use. Foreign mein introduction karati hai. I am Reham Khan...(who ?) I am ex-wife of Imran Khan..…

RT @geosalman_mirza: RT @geosalman_mirza: ٹرمپو کی ایجنسیاں بھی سوچ رہی ہوں گی کے کس قوم سے پنگا لے لیا ہے۔

RT @Tweetie_land: This is Khalistan(Indian Occupied Punjab) Modi is a real Terrorist and India is the motherland of Terrorism We want #khalistan_freedom and #Kashmir_Freedom Because everyone want to have a own home #khalistanWantsFreedom #KashmirWantsFreedom #WeStandWithKhalistanAndKashmir

RT @RAWAN_BHAI: RT @RAWAN_BHAI: #TorturedKashmir Endia will be no more with same boundaries in next 10 years. Modi & Yogi doing great job. ✌✌✌

RT @ZakirKhan012: Meet Deepika Singh (Kashmiri Pandit) great Advocate fighting in favour of Asifa, the 8yr girl who was murdered & raped. She should be role model of any young lawyer in Kashmir, showing only fight for justice. Justice is above religion and region or past memories #JusticeForAsifa

RT @IrshadBhatiTeam: عمران خان کو یوٹرن خان کہنے والے دانشوروں تک یہ ویڈیو پہنچا دو اب کیا مؤقف ہے شریف مافیہ اور زرداری مافیہ کے حالیہ ہونے والے نکاح کے بارے میں