Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

Labour & Co-op MSP for Edinburgh Southern and Shadow Finance Secretary. Email for case work and questions.

Dit kan een incomplete lijst zijn. Als je denkt dat we iemand missen, stuur ons de naam, land/provincie, politieke partij en positie die ze hebben of waar ze kandidaat voor zijn en uiteraard het Twitter account. Bedankt!

RT @alasdair_clark: The Covid status app is quite hard to use. I’ve been trying to grant the app permission to use my camera to take a picture of my passport for 10 minutes now but it keeps crashing

RT @peterwalker99: RT @peterwalker99: I think it's generally fair to assume that impromptu, informal Xmas parties don't tend to have hot-and-cold buffets. htt…

Another instance of political intervention - this is corruption. Not for personal gain but certainly of proper process and public administration for political purposes.

RT @johnerskine: RT @johnerskine: The SNP record on education is a shocker. 4,000 less teachers, 150,000 less colleges places, after 10 years. #LeadersDebate

RT @johnerskine: Big thank you to all the @policescotland officers stationed outside the @ScotParl today ensuring everyone working in the building can get in and out safely. I’m sure they all have better and more important work to be doing.

RT @johnerskine: @DJohnsonMSP says it is essential for the rebuilding of Scottish and UK #Labour after last month’s historic defeat for all those who value the prospect of a Labour government to join the party now and participate in the next leadership election.…

RT @johnerskine: We ask retail workers to uphold the law – but the law doesn't do enough to protect them from violence. @DJohnsonMSP has bill that could change that. You can support his bill by responding to the consultation here – it takes just a few minutes. 👇…

RT @johnerskine: RT @johnerskine: Find out more by visiting: ◽ ◽◽ ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽ #VoteLabour

RT @johnerskine: RT @johnerskine: The beauty of the #Highlands A place where everyone is welcome.

RT @johnerskine: Scottish Labour needs leadership that will bring us together as a party and allow us to take the fight to the SNP and Tories at the next election. We need @AnasSarwar as leader to rebuild and renew our party, and lead the change we need to win again.🌹