Alle verwijderde tweets van politici

Labour MP for Southampton Test. Shadow Minister for Energy and the Green New Deal

Dit kan een incomplete lijst zijn. Als je denkt dat we iemand missen, stuur ons de naam, land/provincie, politieke partij en positie die ze hebben of waar ze kandidaat voor zijn en uiteraard het Twitter account. Bedankt!

RT @RC_Garrioch: Thanks to @alanwhiteheadmp for speaking at @ProspectUnion Energy Conference. And rightly calling out a lack of planning and response by the UK Government to energy market issues that has sleep walked us into the #energycrisis

I was worried I'd feel bereft once these long-promised strategies were finally published, but these documents promise so many calls for evidence and future consultations that the energy geekery will stay alive and kicking for some time to come. This is only the start. END

Alan Whitehead (Labour) tweette :

There is no doubt we must phase out gas boilers, but #heatpumps are not the solution in these (often very poorly insulated) homes. This highlights the need for a wrap around retrofit programme to transform the lives of the fuel poor & curb our emissions.…

Alan Whitehead (Labour) tweette :

We're no longer blindly stumbling towards climate catastrophe, we're running full pelt at it. The UK has a historic responsibility to act, and #COP26 is an opportunity that can't be missed - the consequences if we don't are laid bare in this report. The alarm bells are deafening.

RT @OwenSmith_MP: RT @OwenSmith_MP: So much for restoring sovereignty of Parliament - turns out Govt will slide through the Repeal Bill via 1000 sneaky Statu…

Alan Whitehead (Labour) tweette :

@bbcbitesize is rightly being questioned this morning for its outdated and out of touch summary of climate change. Luckily for us, young people across the world understand the perils of the #ClimateCrisis better than any other generation - business as usual cannot continue.

RT @wdjstraw: RT @wdjstraw: Tremendous article by @AmbroseEP on climate change & "beginning of the end for a century of fossil dominance"…

Alan Whitehead (Labour) tweette :

Virtual Parliament adds barriers to scrutiny. So I've written to @KwasiKwarteng to ask questions on energy security, renewable generation and a green recovery.

RT @BrynKewley: After 3 years of climate change geekery I’ll continue to advise @AlanWhiteheadMP in his expanded Green New Deal and Energy brief It’s a critical time for the climate and Labour’s team is looking stronger than ever

RT @Jaimie_Ellis: One week to go. Give what you can to support your local @UKLabour candidate. I’ve been posting leaflets for @alanwhiteheadmp who has my vote. (Also getting my steps up & listening to #podcasts) #GE2019 @soton_labour